Detailed Product: HEgeek (Registered Version)

Product Summary:
HEgeek REGISTERED hex editor for the serious geek. A no nonsense HEX editor written for easy viewing and manipulation of numbers instead of text. HEgeek utilizes a unique search and a fast file compare.
Download Price:
$ 9.95
Product Detail:
HEgeek (Registered Version) includes the functionality of the free version while adding the following functionality:

  Find/Search function allows searching for Integers and long Integers. All entities searched will still be displayed at one time. Speed is maintained due to the loaded file being memory resident.

  Editing the hex data and saving the results is enabled in the Registered Version, where the free version is only viewable.

  Data views remain: Hex, Decimal and Ascii. Addressing view remains: Hex and Decimal. View continues to be from Right to Left, which is the natural way to read numbers.

  File compare continues to read 2 files and displays the differences in a formatted printable view.
Key Features: