Detailed Product: HEgeek (Free version)

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HEgeek FREE hex editor for the serious geek. A no nonsense HEX editor written for easy viewing and manipulation of numbers instead of text. HEgeek utilizes a unique search and a fast file compare.
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HEgeek (Free Version), is a Hex Editor designed to allow easy viewing of each byte of data. The file to be viewed is loaded into memory and associated with the cells for fast manipulation. This makes gathering information about each byte extremely fast and allows a unique find/search capability.

  The find/search capability will find all instances of the target byte. It then displays all instances of the target byte. Subsequent searches have no effect on the previous searches. What you see are all of the items selected. This provides for the ability to see the various selected bytes in relationship to each other. Manual deselecting of individual cells or all cell deselecting is possible.

  The file compare capability will compare 2 files (same or different sizes). It generates a printable screen of the differences up to the size of the smaller of the 2 files being compared.

  The cell level views are: Hex, Decimal and Ascii. When a Cell is clicked the associated Address is displayed as is the associated Integer and Long Integer (4 bytes).

  Addresses can be viewed as either Hex or Decimal. Please note that HEgeek displays the data with the lowest addresses on the right.
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