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 Welcome to our web site.

JDMorton Software provides single executable files. No DLL's. No changes to your system settings. No replacing system files. No changes to the system registry. We strive to make our software as secure and benign as possible.

Current Products are:

SimpleClock.exe - Simple Clock: ( Free ) A small desktop clock that is rectangular and is easy to position so as not to clutter up your desk. It displays both date and time updated each second.

HEGeekF.exe - HEgeek: (Free Version) A Hex Editor built specifically to view (edit capability in Registered version) files at the Byte Level. HEgeek is a no nonsense HEX EDITOR meant for the serious geek.

HEGeekR.exe - HEgeek: (Registered Version) Same as the Free version, but has an enhanced search and allows saving of any modifications.

Products currently being developed:

PicTo.exe - PicTo ( short for Picture Crypto ) is a text encryption program that will encrypt/embed text into a picture.

EV.exe - EV (pronounced EVIE) is a unique loss less compression that is recompressible.